Perlight 12v 200W Rooftop Solar Panel Caravan Boat Camping Mono Charging Kit

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Kit includes:

1 x 200w Monocrystalline Solar Panel ( 12 years product , 25 years output warranty)

1 x 20A solar charge controller


Solar Panel

The Monocrystalline Delta Black Module Series is a module built for the UK, now they are available in AUS.

World First 100% ALL BLACK PV Module.

World First ALL BLACK PV Module Certified by TUV.

12 Years Product Warranty

25 Years Output Warranty

Looking for a solar panel with a great power output but working to a budget? The Perlight 12V 200W Rooftop Solar Panel might just be the thing you’re looking for! Efficient, beautiful and great for the environment, what is there not to love?

A world first design that saves you money is a good start. The Perlight range are a world first for an all black solar panel, which, as we all know from our high school science classes, will increase the efficiency due to the fact that the colour black absorbs more sunlight than other shades and colours. Not only does it look awesome in all black, it also makes it more efficient too! An innovative combination to say the least!

Not only is this an awesome product for those reasons, but the Perlight 12V 200W Rooftop Solar Panel might just win you over with its build quality. The company makes these solar panels to last (with 12 and 25 years guarantees to prove it!) with features such as frost prevention drainage, 2 earth ground points and a static load passed protection bar. Whatever happens to our energy sources in the next quarter of a decade, you can rely on the fact that your solar panels will still be working in the 2040s, how exciting is that?!

The Delta Black Series from Perlight   Features

  • Monocrystalline

  • Excellent build quality

  • Superb Performance

  • Extremely reliable screw-less,

    interconnected frame

  • 8 mounting holes for direct mounting

  • fixable on long and short sides,

    using mounting clamps

  • 20 in-built drainage waterspouts,

    help prevent frost damage

  • 2 Earth (Ground) points


  • 48 cell Monocrystalline module

  • 200W output capacity

  • Compatible with all mainstream mounting systems

  • Compatible with all roof types

  • 100% in Black

  • Static load passed protection bar

  • 12-year warranty

    • 12-year 90% Power-Max Performance Guarantee

    • 25-year 80% Power-Max Performance Guarantee

Fully Certified and Independantly Tested   Dimensions & Weight

  • MCS certified

  • Fire Safety Certified

  • Ammonia certified

  • Salt Mist certified

  • PID Free

  • ISO14001 accredited facilities

  • ISO9001 accredited facilities 

  • UL 1703, CEC for California, FSEC for Florida, TUV, CE, VDE

  • CEC approved for rebates

  • High reliability bypass diodes

  • Lock mechanism equipped connectors (MC4)

  • Modules  are  IEC61730  safety  rated  for  high  wind  pressure,   hail  impact,  snow  load  and  fire


Module Size (mm) 1334 x 992 x 40
Weight (kg) 14.8


Spec Sheet  
Download PDF



About Perlight Solar    


Perlight Solar: 1982-2015

The Perlight Solar parent group is proud to be celebrating our 33rd anniversary this year. Over this time the group has grown from a small family run business to a large international company with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue. Rest assured that with three decades of history and growth, our 25 year warranties really mean something.

Recent Projects    








For this rural farm in Alloway, NJ a handmade wooden racking system was constructed with SMA inverters.



A fixed angle rooftop system mounted across 4 different rooftops at our world headquarters. Using solar power to make solar modules.

Product Specs:

1950x185w modules



Charge Controller

PRL 1010, PRL1515, PRL2020, PRL3030,PRL245

The Fangpusun PRL10-45 series of charge controllers is the highlight in the range.

The lates charging technologies, combined with a Fangpusun AtonIC state of charge determination which has been significantly improved once again, result in optimal battery maintenance and control of the module output of up to 900 Wp which can be connected to it.

A large display informs the user about all operating modes with the aid of symbols. The state of charge is represented visually in the form of a tank display. Data such as voltage, current and state of charge can also be displayed digitally as figures on the display. In addition, the controller has an energy meter which can be reset by the user.

Product features

Hybrid controller

State of charge determination with Fangpusun AtonIC (SOC)

Automatic detection of voltage

PWM control

Multistage charging technology

Load disconnection depending on SOC

Automatic load reconnection

Temperature compensation

Common positive grounding or negative grounding on one terminal

Integrated self test

Night light function

Integrated self test

Monthly maintenance charge

Electronic protection functions

Electronic protection functions

Over charge protection 

Deep discharge protection

Reverse polarity protection of load, module and battery

Automatic electronic fuse

Short circuit protection at module input

Overvoltage protection at module input

Open circuit protection without battery

Reverse current protection at night 

Over temperature and overload protection

Battery overvoltage shutdown


Graphical LCD display, with background light, could read data in dark

For operating parameters, fault messages, self test


Simple menu-driven operation

Programming by buttons

Manual load switch


Prepayment interface

External temperature sensor

Alarm contact


Approved by the World Bank for Nepal

Compliant with European Standards (CE)

ROHS compliant

Made in china


PRL 1010





Characterisation of the operating    performance

System voltage


Own consumption


DC input side

Open circuit voltage solar module


Module current






DC output side

Load current






End of charge voltage

liquid 13.9V(27.8V) gel    14.1V(28.2V)

Boost charge voltage


Equalisation charge


Reconnection voltage(SOC/LVR)


Deep discharge protection(SOC/LVD)


Operating conditions

Ambient temperature


Fitting and construction

Terminal(fine/single wire)


Degree of protection

IP 32

Dimension(X x Y x Z)