Perlight 12v 100W Rooftop Solar Panel Caravan Boat Camping Mono Charging

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The Monocrystalline Delta Black Module Series is a module built for the UK, now they are available in AUS.

World First 100% ALL BLACK PV Module.

World First ALL BLACK PV Module Certified by TUV.

12 Years Product Warranty

25 Years Output Warranty

A world first is a pretty awesome thing to own, a world first that could save you money AND help save the environment? Now that’s the next level. This Perlight 12V 100W Rooftop Solar Panel is not only the world’s first 100% black panel solar panel, it’s also going to be able to save you money on your energy bills and save the planet while it’s at it. That, and it’s going to look stunning on your roof, we promise.

Created from a super-reliable screwless, inter-connected, frame that is able to be directly mounted onto your roof, this 100W output capacity solar panel might just be the piece of equipment that you’re looking for in order to make your house that little bit greener. Besides, all things look better in black, right?

The Perlight Solar panel range comes with a 12 years 90% power-max performance guarantee and a 25 years 80% power-max performance guarantee, but what does this mean? It means that Perlight are so confident in the efficiency and long-livety of their panels, it’s willing to guarantee that they will work up to those efficiency percentages for up to 25 years! Definitely the sign of an awesome product! Overall, definitely worth the investment! 

The Delta Black Series from Perlight

  • Monocrystalline
  • Excellent build quality
  • Superb Performance
  • Extremely reliable screw-less,
    interconnected frame
  • 8 mounting holes for direct mounting
  • fixable on long and short sides,
    using mounting clamps
  • 20 in-built drainage waterspouts,
    help prevent frost damage
  • 2 Earth (Ground) points


  • 36 cell Monocrystalline module
  • 100W output capacity
  • Compatible with all mainstream mounting systems
  • Compatible with all roof types
  • 100% in Black
  • Static load passed protection bar
  • 12-year warranty
    • 12-year 90% Power-Max Performance Guarantee
    • 25-year 80% Power-Max Performance Guarantee

Fully Certified and Independantly Tested

  • MCS certified
  • Fire Safety Certified
  • Ammonia certified
  • Salt Mist certified
  • PID Free
  • ISO14001 accredited facilities
  • ISO9001 accredited facilities 
  • UL 1703, CEC for California, FSEC for Florida, TUV, CE, VDE
  • CEC approved for rebates
  • High reliability bypass diodes
  • Lock mechanism equipped connectors (MC4)
  • Modules  are  IEC61730  safety  rated  for  high  wind  pressure,   hail  impact,  snow  load  and  fire


Dimensions & Weight

Module Size (mm): 1127 x 676 x 40

Weight (kg): 7.7