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Why Pro Power

Innovation for those on the move: Our products are designed for those with their sights on the horizon and their minds on tomorrow. From battery power, to solar power, we keep your equipment moving to keep up with you. Our engineers and designers are a step ahead and our focus is on a greener tomorrow with a design aesthetic. Powering equipment for rugged terrain is our business. We help keep you on the move with our forward focused line of battery packs, solar equipment and portable refrigeration units, only to name a few of the jewels in our crown. If it's keeping you moving forward with a designer's edge, it's Pro Power….


Kit including

1 x Pro Power 110L Fridge / Freezer (Danfoss Compressor)

1 x Pro Power 160w Folding Solar Panel (German Solar cell, MPPT Charge controller)

1 x Pro Power 110ah Lithium MAX Battery

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Pro Power 110L Fridge / Freezer (Danfoss Compressor)


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Going on holiday and wondering how you're going to keep your food and drink cool? The Pro Power 110L Portable Complete Solar Fridge/Freeze Kit Camping with battery and solar panel gives everything you need for some top of the range cooling action.

Starting off with the fridge, one of the interesting features that is notable in this awesome electrical appliance is the dual compartments dual doors that allow for individual temperatures within the fridge itself. What does this mean? It means that you can have a fridge and freezer in the same container, allowing for a more flexible storage of all your food and drink. Couple this with the durability of the fridge itself, you've got yourself an impressive bit of engineering.

Awesome electrical equipment needs a team of awesome electrical sources to keep it working to its maximum efficiency. Luckily, this pack also includes the 12V 160W Folding Solar Panel from Pro Power as well as the 125ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery, two durable, practical and easily deployable pieces of kit that synergize well with the fridge.

Ultimately, this package deal contains everything you're going to need to keep your food and drink cool, whether you're camping, boating or caravanning.


Dual Compartments Dual Doors with Individual Temperature Controls
Can be a Fridge , Freezer or Fridge/Freezer
Danfoss BD50F Compressor
Key Uses : Camping, Hiking, RVs, Vehicle, Caravan, trailer
Runs from either 12v, 24v or 240v ( come with adaptor)
Black matt finish with reinforced handles
Power Drain From 1 amp (Eco) to 3amp (Max)
Automatic cut off at 11v 
Thick and High Density Foam Insulation
2 Year No Fuss Warranty ( Nation-wide service support)
5 Year Warranty on Danfoss Compressor
Certified for the highest standards of Quality and Safety
Pro Power Isulation Protective Cover (Free Bonus)   12V Remote Fridge Monitor and Control (Free Bonus)   Cigarette socket adaptor with alligator clips (Free Bonus)
Danfoss Compresser   Dual Zone Dual Doors with Individual Temperature Controls   Anti-vibration Digital Display
Anderson Plug Fridge Lead (connect to your battery box)
Capacity 110 Litres
Approval GS, CE, E-MARK, ROHS, SAA
Temperature range Cooling to -16ºC at 32ºC ambient
Input Voltage DC12V/24V, AC240V
Average current draw Approx. 1amp - 1.5amp at +05ºC (fridge)
Approx. 1.7amp - 2.2amp at coldest -16ºC (freezer)
Power consumption 60W
Cooling unit Danfoss BD50F DC12/24V compressor
Refrigerant R134a
Insulation 50mm Polyurethane Foaming
1x 110L Pro Power Fridge Freezer
1x Wireless Remote Control (15 metre range)
1x User manual
1x Insulation Cover Bag
1x Adaptor (12/24v to 240v)
1x Adaptor (Cigarette Socket Adaptor with 2 Alligator Clips)
1x Anderson Plug Fridge Lead
2x Wired Basket
External: 865*535*670mm
Large Compartment: 310*385*555mm
Small Compartment: 310*385*340mm
Fridge Footprint: 825*495mm


Net Weight: 30kg
Gross Weight: 32kg


Founded in 1933
24000 Emplyees
64 Factories in 19 countries
World leading compressor manufacturer
Pro Power Fridge Freezer

Pro Power 160w Folding Solar Panel (German Solar cell)



Portability and efficiency are two of the main features in this fantastic product. Taking it away with you on your trip will make your time away just that little bit more comfortable as it will enable you to use a vast array of electrical items, such as the fantastic Pro Power range.

Transporting it has never been easier either! The 12V 160W Portable Mono Solar Panel can fold up into a neat little case that is perfect for putting in the back of the trailer or caravan, ready for use when you get there. When you arrive, unpacking it couldn't be simpler! Simply unfold it, pop out the legs, and the rest of the set up is plug-in and play. Pro Power designs their products like this because, when you reach your destination, the last thing you want to be doing is fiddling about with complicated bits of tech. Less time setting up = More time relaxing/exploring, it's simple mathematics!

If you're on the lookout for a power source that won't let you down, the durability, usability, and practicality of the 12V 160W Portable Mono Solar Panel means that it should definitely be top choice for its category.


MPPT Charge Contoller, High Efficiency
Shade Tolerant
Key Uses : Camping, Hiking, RVs, Vehicle, Emergencies
Complete Plug and Play System
Hail resistant tempered glass
Grade A Monocrystalline Silicon Cell
25 Years Warranty on power output, 3 Years Warranty on Parts
Certified for the highest standards of Quality and Safety

Grade A Monocrystalline

German Cells

  MPPT Smart Solar Controller With LED Indication  

Extra Long 5m High Quality Cable

No Voltage Drop

Heavy Duty Steel Safety Fasteners  

Heavy Duty Support Legs

  Heavy Duty Carry Bag
Max Power: 160W
Max Power Voltage: 17.2V
Max Power Current: 9.3A
Open-Circuit Voltage: 22.4V
Short-Circuit Current: 10.00A
Temperature Range: -40°C - 85°C
Standard Test Conditions: 1000W/m2, AM1.5, 25°C
Solar Cell: Mono
Front Glass: 3.2mm Tempered Glass
Frame Colour: Black
1x 160w Folding Solar Panel
1x user manual
1x anderson plug to aligator clips adaptor
1x 5m Cable with anderson plug both end
1x 15A MPPT Solar Charge Controller
1x Heavy Duty Carry Bag

900 x 676 x 78mm (Folded)

900 x 1352 x 39mm (Open up)

Weight: 16.7kg
User Manual  
15A MPPT Solar Charge Controller


Pro Power Lithium MAX High Discharge Battery (5C, 550A) with build-in BMS

The latest 55ah Lithium Iron battery with the longest life for a battery of the same size. It has the best weight to power output in this range and can be used for a multiple of applications such as scooters, and anywhere a sealed battery is required. There is no need to change your stock charging system and you can use your normal lead acid battery charger. It is durable with its ABS cover and can withstand being knocked and most weather conditions. The latest 55ah Lithium Iron battery is the best on the market and will outperform most batteries that available today.

  • Ultra light weight
  • Life cycles 1500-5000
  • High energy density
  • Does not need prolonged priming when new. One regular charge is all that's needed.
  • Internal cell balancing
  • low self-discharge
  • Can be charged using most standard lead acid battery chargers (Set for agm/gel cells)
  • Climate Resistance
  • No Peukert's Loss
  • No Voltage sag
  • Maintenance free
  • Can be used in series or parallel
  • 3 Years Warranty


Battery Pack / Cell specification


Combination method




Nominal voltage


Max. charge voltage


Discharge cut-off voltage


Max Charge current 


Max Working current


Pack Impedance standard


Weight (Approx.)

13 kg

Max. dimension(L×W×H)(mm)


Operating  temperature

Charge temperature


Discharge temperature


Single cell over-charge cut-off voltage



3 Years







rated voltage(V)


Typical Impedance (mΩ)


Battery material


over-charge release voltage


Single cell under-discharge cut-off voltage

2. 5V

Discharge release voltage

2. 5V

Over-discharge cut-off current


Over-discharge cut-off current delay


Short-circuit protection


Short-circuit protection delay


Condition for the recovery of over-current and Short-circuit

remove load, auto recover

Balance current


Balance Condition



Test Conditions

1. Standard Test Conditions
Test should be conducted with new batteries within one week after shipment from our factory and the cell shall not be cyded more than five times before the test. Unless otherwise specified,test and measurement shall be done under temperature of 20±5℃ and relative humidity of 45~48%.if it is judged that the test results are not affected by such conditions,the tests may be conducted at temperature 15~30℃ and humidity 25-85%R.H.

  • Measuring Instrument or Apparatus
    • Dimension Measuring Insturment

The dimension measurement shall be implemented by instruments with equal or more precision scale of 0.01mm.

2.  Voltager
Standard class specified in the national standard or more sensitive class having inner impedance more than 10kΩ/V.

  • Ammeter

Standard class specified in the national standard or more sensitive class.Total extermal resistance including ammeter and wire is less than 0.01Ω.

  • Impedance Meter

Impedance shall be measured by a sinusidal alternating current method(1kHz LCR meter)

  • Standard Charge/Discharge
    • Standard charge:Test procedure and its criteria are referred as follows:
      0.2C5A= Charging shall consist of charging at a 0.5 C5A constant current rate until the cell reaches 14.6V. The cell shall then be charged at constant voltage 0f 14.6 volts while tapreing the charge current Charging shall be terminated when the charging current has tapreed to 0.02 C5A.Charge time:Approx 6.0h,The cell shall demonstrate no permanent degradation when charged between 0℃ and 45℃.
    • Standard Discharge: 0.2 C5A= Cells shall be discharged at a constant current of 0.2 C5A to 10.0 volts @20℃±5℃.
    • If no otherwise specified,the rest time between Charge and Discharge amount to 30min.


Appearance,Initial Performance Test

Initial Performance Test


Test Method and Condition


Open-Circuit Voltage

The open-circuit voltage shall be measured within 24 hours after standard charge.


Internal impedance

Internal resistance measured at AC 1KHz after 50% charge.


Minimal Rated Capacity

The capacity on 0.2C5A discharge till the voltage tapered to 10.0V shall be measured after rested for 30min then finish standard charge.

Discharge Capacity


Cycle Life and Leakage-Proof




Test Conditions


Cycle Life
(0.5 C5A)

Higher than 70% of the Initial Capacities of the Cells

Carry out 1500 cycle
Charging/Discharging in the below condition.

  • Charge:Standard Charge
  • Discharge:0.5 C5A to 10.0V
  • Rest Time belween charge/discharge:30min.
  • Temperayure:20±5℃



No leakage
(visual inspection)

After full charge with standard charge,store at 60±3℃,60±10%RH for 1 month.


Mechanical characteristies and Safety Test
(Mechanical characteristies)



Test Method and Condition



Vibration Test

After standard charging,fixed the cell to vibration table and subjection cycling that the frequeney is to be varied at the rate of 1Hz per minute between 10Hz an 55Hz,the excursion of the vibration is 1.6mm.The cell shall be vibrated for 30minutes per axis of XYZ axes.

No leakage

No fire


Drop Test

The cdll is to be dropped from a height of 1 meter twice conto concrete ground.

No explosion, No fire,no leakage.



Battery Condition

Test Method



Fresh,Fully charged

Crush between two flat plates.Applied force is about 13kN(1.72Mpa) for 30min.

No explosion,No fire

Short Circuit

Fresh,Fully charged

Each test sample battery,in turn,is to be short-circuited by conneting the (+)and (-) terminals of the battery with a Cu wire having a maximum resistance load of 0.1Ω. Test are to be conducted at room temperature (20℃±2℃).

No explosion,No fire.The Temperature of the surface of the Cells are lower than 150℃

Short Circuit

Fresh,Fully charged

Each test sample battery,in turn,is to be short-circuited by connecting the (+)and (-) terminals of the battery with a Cu wire having a maximum resistance load of 0.1Ω. Test are to be conducted at temperature (60℃±2℃).

No explosion,No fire.The Temperature of the surface of the Cells are lower than 150℃


Fresh,Fully charged

A 56mm diameter bar is inlayed into the bottom of a 10Kg weight.And the weight is to be dropped from a height of 1m onto a sample battery and then the bar will be across the center of the sample.

No explosion,No fire

Forced Discharge

Fresh,Fully charged

Discharge at a current of 1 C5A for 2. 5h.

No explosion,No fire

Nail Pricking

Fresh,Fully charged

Prick through the sample battery with a nail having a diameter of 3mm and remain 2h.

No explosion,No fire




SKU PP-110L-160W-110AH
Brand Pro Power

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