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Pro Power 48V 200ah Lithium Ion LiFePo4 DeepCycle Battery Bank Solar 4WD Caravan

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Battery Bank Including

  • 4x 200AH Pro Power Lithium Ion LiFePo4 DeepCycle Battery
  • 3x Series Cable 250mm length (250A 3000V)
You may be deceived by how easy this battery is to transport, it’s so lightweight when compared to its lead acid counterparts! Providing a massive Pro Power 200ah of 12V power at a fraction of the weight of traditional batteries, this is a must buy! Lithium technology is one of the leaders in battery technology at the moment, and is fast becoming recognised as more sustainable, more environmentally friendly, and better performing. As the shape as identical to that of a lead acid battery, they will easily fit into any system designed to take a lead acid battery, but with improved performance, longer cycle life and lower discharge rates, can you really justify choosing a lead acid battery over this? As it uses lithium in place of heavy and polluting lead, when this battery has reached the end of its useful life, it is more environmentally friendly to dispose of. This high quality powerful lithium battery is an excellent replacement or upgrade for a traditional lead acid battery. It is light weight, safe and does not release gas when charging, meaning it is kinder on the environment. Lithium batteries have excellent electrochemical properties, which mean they discharge at a slower rate than traditional batteries, which increases the lifespan of the battery. This battery is suited for a range of uses, indoors or outdoors, as the tough ABS plastic coating resists knocks, cracking and ever changing weather conditions. If you are looking for a long lasting and revolutionary battery that won’t let you down then this is it! The longevity of these batteries is second to none; when used correctly they can have up to 8 times the life of a traditional lead acid battery, so worth considering for those who may only use their battery occasionally. Ultra light weight Life cycles 1500-5000 High energy density Does not need prolonged priming when new. One regular charge is all that's needed. Internal cell balancing low self-discharge Can be charged using most standard lead acid battery chargers (Set for agm/gel cells) Climate Resistance No Peukert's Loss No Voltage sag Maintenance free Can be used in series or parallel 3 Years Warranty