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Pro Power 48V Volt 2000AH Tubular Gel Deep Cycle Battery Bank Off Grid Solar

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Bank Including

  • 24x 2000AH Pro Power Tubular Gel Deep Cycle Battery

  • 46x Series Cable 250mm length

This innovative and robust battery is designed for constant use. Where many traditional batteries have a AGM solution inside, this long lasting 2000ah contains a gel solution instead, making it longer lasting. The revolutionary gel allows for better conduction, meaning more power is available when you need it. This battery is ideal for constant use, so if you’re looking for a dependable product then this is for you. The inner gel construction also means that this battery has a higher cycle life than most of its inferior competitors, an essential consideration when choosing a power supply. For use around the outdoors, this battery is ideal for a number of applications, including marine, renewable energy and off grid solar system. The battery itself is designed to be tough, and will withstand harsh weather conditions with its hard plastic outer casing. The gel solution inside ensures that there are no leaks or corrosive acid spillages to contend with.


Pro Power 2V 2000AH Tubular Gel
Nominal Voltage 2V
Capacity 2000.0Ah@100hr to 1.80V/cell
Dimension Length: 275 ±3mm (10.8 inches)

Width: 210 ±3mm (8.27 inches)

Container Height: 796 ±3mm (31.3 inches)

Total Height (with Terminal): 831 ±3mm (32.7 inches)
Approx Weight Approx 115.0 kg (254lbs)
Container Material ABS
Rated Capacity 2000 AH/20.0A (100hr,1.80V/cell,20oC)

1285 AH/257A (5hr,1.75V/cell,20oC)

1131 AH/377A (3hr,1.75V/cell,20oC)

849 AH/849A (1hr,1.60V/cell,20oC)
Max. Discharge Current 12000A (5s)
Internal Resistance Approx 0.45m ?
Operating Temp.Range Discharge : -20~55oC

Charge : 0~40oC

Storage : -20~50oC
Cycle Use Initial Charging Current less than 300.0A

Voltage 2.40V~2.50V at 20oC

Temp. Coefficient -5mV/oC
Standby Use No limit on Initial Charging Current

Voltage 2.25V~2.30V at 20oC

Temp. Coefficient -3mV/oC
Self-discharge <2% per month @ 20oC


Why Pro Power

Innovation for those on the move: Our products are designed for those with their sights on the horizon and their minds on tomorrow. From battery power, to solar power, we keep your equipment moving to keep up with you. Our engineers and designers are a step ahead and our focus is on a greener tomorrow with a design aesthetic. Powering equipment for rugged terrain is our business. We help keep you on the move with our forward focused line of battery packs, solar equipment and portable refrigeration units, only to name a few of the jewels in our crown. If it's keeping you moving forward with a designer's edge, it's Pro Power….