24v 1000W Solar Panel Off Grid Caravan Boat Camping MPPT Battery Inverter Kit

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Kit includes:

4 x 250w Monocrystalline Solar Panel ( 12 years product , 25 years output warranty)

1 x Tracer 40A MPPT solar charge controller

2 x Pro Power 280ah AGM deep cycle battery

1 x fangpusum 1800w/2900w pure sine wave inverter

1 x DC Isolator Switch with MC4 Connectors


Solar Panel

The Monocrystalline Delta Black Module Series is a module built for the UK, now they are available in AUS.

World First 100% ALL BLACK PV Module.

World First ALL BLACK PV Module Certified by TUV.

12 Years Product Warranty ( For the Solar panel )

Available in all black, this solar panel would probably be Batman's choice of solar panel, if Batman was searching for such an item in Aus. The flagship model of the Perlight Rooftop Solar Panel range, the 250W output solar panel is a serious piece of kit.

A world first that's great for the environment AND saves you money is bound to pique the interests of many of you that are looking to reduce those energy bills or do your bit in the fight against global warming. Whatever your motivation for getting solar panels, the Perlight 24V 250W Rooftop Solar Panel is the way to do it efficiently, and in style.

While its pretty much guaranteed to look awesome mounted on anyone's roof, the company's guarantees are probably of more interest, they are offering a 12 year 90% Power-Max Performance Guarantee and a 25 year 80% Power-Max Performance Guarantee. What does this mean? It means that they are so confident that, after 25 years, your solar panel will still be working to 80% efficiency, that they're willing to guarantee against it.


Overall, the Perlight 24V 250W Rooftop Solar Panel is your best choice for a high powered, high efficiency solar panel that will look awesome on any roof that you put it on.

The Delta Black Series from Perlight   Features
  • Monocrystalline
  • Excellent build quality
  • Superb Performance
  • Extremely reliable screw-less,
    interconnected frame
  • 8 mounting holes for direct mounting
  • fixable on long and short sides,
    using mounting clamps
  • 20 in-built drainage waterspouts,
    help prevent frost damage
  • 2 Earth (Ground) points
  • 60 cell Monocrystalline module
  • 250W output capacity
  • Compatible with all mainstream mounting systems
  • Compatible with all roof types
  • 100% in Black
  • Static load passed protection bar
  • 12-year warranty
    • 12-year 90% Power-Max Performance Guarantee
    • 25-year 80% Power-Max Performance Guarantee
Fully Certified and Independantly Tested   Dimensions & Weight
  • MCS certified
  • Fire Safety Certified
  • Ammonia certified
  • Salt Mist certified
  • PID Free
  • ISO14001 accredited facilities
  • ISO9001 accredited facilities 
  • UL 1703, CEC for California, FSEC for Florida, TUV, CE, VDE
  • CEC approved for rebates
  • High reliability bypass diodes
  • Lock mechanism equipped connectors (MC4)
  • Modules  are  IEC61730  safety  rated  for  high  wind  pressure,   hail  impact,  snow  load  and  fire
Cell Size (mm) 156 x 156
Module Size (mm) 1650 x 992 x 40
Number of cells per module 60 (6x10)
Weight (kg) 18.5
Spec Sheet  
Download PDF  


About Perlight Solar    


Perlight Solar: 1982-2015
The Perlight Solar parent group is proud to be celebrating our 33rd anniversary this year. Over this time the group has grown from a small family run business to a large international company with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue. Rest assured that with three decades of history and growth, our 25 year warranties really mean something.

Recent Projects    








For this rural farm in Alloway, NJ a handmade wooden racking system was constructed with SMA inverters.


A fixed angle rooftop system mounted across 4 different rooftops at our world headquarters. Using solar power to make solar modules.

Product Specs:
1950x185w modules



Charge Controller

EPSOLAR Tracer series controller adopts MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking). This advanced tracking algorithm makes the solar module operate at an ideal voltage where the solar modules can produce the maximum available power. Compared to conventional PWM controllers, MPPT technology increases the charge efficiency by up to 30% and decreases the power of solar array needed.

The regulator has the ability to step-down the higher voltage solar array to recharge a lower voltage battery bank. This allows on grid solar modules or thin film modules to charge the off-grid battery, and the cable size can be reduced because of the small current from the solar array.


  • MPPT technology
  • Peak conversion efficiency of 97 %
  • High Tracking efficiency of 99%
  • Several seconds tracking speed
  • Very fast Sweeping of the entire I-V curve
  • 4 stage battery charge


  • Excellent thermal design and natural air cooling
  • Full power output in ambient temperatures up to 45oC
  • Temperature compensation function
  • Sealed, Gel, Flooded battery type options
  • Diversified load control: Manual, Dusk to Dawn, Dual timer, TEST
  • RJ45 interface with optional remote meter
  • CE certificate

Electronic protections:

  • PV Array Short Circuit
  • PV Overvoltage/Overcurrent
  • Load Overload
  • Load short circuit
  • PV Reverse Polarity
  • Battery Reverse Polarity
  • High Voltage Transients
EPSolar 40A MPPT Regulator
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 242mm x 169mm x 91mm
Mounting holes 180mm x 160mm
Terminal 25mm2
Weight 2.05kg
Electrical Specifications
Nominal System Voltage 12VDC/24VDC Automatic
Rated charge current 40A
Rated discharge current 20A
Maximum Battery voltage 32V
Max solar input voltage 100VDC
Max PV input power 12V system 500W
24V system 1000W
Self-consumption <10mA(24V)
Charge circuit voltage drop ≤0.26V
Discharge circuit voltage drop ≤0.15V
Communication TTL232 / 8pin RJ45
Battery Charging
Charging Mode Four stages
Temp. Compensation -30mV/oC/12V (25oC)
Environmental Specifications
Working temp. -35oC ~ +55oC
Storage temp. -35oC ~ +80oC
Humidity 10%-90% (NC)
Protection IP30 (indoor)





With our largest capacity of 280AH, the Pro Power 12 Volt 280AH Deep Cycle Battery is a thing of beauty. A carrying capacity of full charge will give you 280AH to play around with when you’re using electrical items in the garden or the outback.

The Pro Power Brand itself represents fine build quality, which, in turn, means that their batteries are tough and durable. This is great for when you’re taking them out on the road with you as it tends to be quite bumpy and things have a tendency to get damaged. With this in mind, it’s always worth spending money on buying with the Pro Power brand as you can always depend on them working when you need them most

The Pro Power 12 Volt 280 AH Deep Cycle Battery has a garantee of 3 years but is expected to have a service life of 4 times that. We’re confident that you’re going to love this product as much as we do. It’s a fantastic bit of kit that would fit right into the inventory of any intrepid explorer or garden master!


Why Pro Power AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Deep Cycle Battery

  • Spill-proof through acid encapsulation in matting technology
  • Can be rotated and placed on its side
  • Maintenance Free Operation
  • High specific power, low internal resistance, responsive to load
  • Up to 5 times faster charge than with flooded technology
  • Long Lasting
  • Water retention (oxygen and hydrogen combine to produce water)
  • Vibration resistance due to sandwich construction
  • Stands up well to cold temperature
  • High Cycle life (1650 cycles)
  • Designed Service life 12 years
  • 3 Years Warranty
Pro Power 12V 280AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity (20HR) 280.0 AH
Dimension Length: 520 ±3mm (20.47 inches)
Width: 269 ±2mm (10.59inches)
Container Height: 220 ±2mm (8.66 inches)
Total Height (with Terminal): 225 ±2mm (8.85 inches)
Approx Weight Approx 69.65 Kg
Terminal T11
Container Material ABS
Rated Capacity 280.0 AH/14.0A (20hr,1.80V/cell,25°C)
Max. Discharge Current 2500A (5s)
Internal Resistance Approx 2.5m?
Operating Temp.Range Discharge : -15 ~ 50oC (5 ~ 122oF)
Charge : 0 ~ 40oC (32 ~ 104oF )
Storage : -15 ~ 40oC (5 ~ 104oF)
Nominal Operating Temp. Range 25 ± 3°C (77 ± 5°F )
Cycle Use Initial Charging Current less than 75A.
Voltage 14.4V~15.0V at 25oC (77o F)
Temp. Coefficient -30mV/oC
Standby Use No limit on Initial Charging Current
Voltage 13.5V~13.8V at 25oC (77o F)
Temp. Coefficient -20mV/oC
Capacity affected by Temperature 40oC (104oF) 103%
25oC ( 77oF ) 100%
0oC ( 32oF ) 86%
Self Discharge Pro Power Deep Cycle AGM batteries may be stored for up to 6 months at 25oC(77oF) and then a freshening charge is required. For higher temperatures the time interval will be shorter.



Fangpusun  Sine Wave 1800W Inverters

Provides 1800 watts of sine wave AC power from a DC source

Offering superior quality ture sine wave output, the PROsineTM 1800 stand-alone inverters are ideally suited for electrical systems that already have a quality multistage battery charger. Designed for recrestional and industrial applications, their 240-volt, 50HZ AC power output is capable of handing both heavy duty and smaller, multiple AC loads. PROsine inverters include a backlit LCD display panel, which can be mounted remotely.

Automatic AC Transfer Switch

The switch allows an appliance to be powered from either mains power or the inverter (battery power). The inclusion of the AC transfer makes it ideal for permanent installation into caravans, motor homes, work vehicles etc ensuring a quick transfer of AC power when switching from battery power to mains power and vice versa. The automatic change-over function means there is no need to manually swap over AC plugs or be switching dials between the two power sources.


 Technical Data

Electrical specifications
Models Prosine 1800i
  Output power    1800W
  Surge rating    2900W
  Output current  (peak)   45A
  Output voltage (at no load) 240Vac RMS+/-3%
 Output voltage
(over full load and battery voltage range)
  Output frequency 50+/-0.05(crystal controlled)
  Output waveform True sine wave(<3%THD)   
  Peak efficiency 90%   
  No load power draw(search mode) <1.5W
  No load power draw(idle mode) <22W  
  Input voltage  20-32Vdc

Transfer relay rating

(hardwire/transfer relay models)


Transfer time AC to inverter and inverter to AC

Max 2 cycles(typically 1 cycle)<2.5 seconds with Powersave “ON”


Product features


1800 watt inverters (2900 watt surge capability)

True sine wave AC output

Removable LCD display can be mounted remotely for control and monitoring

Unique DC terminals offer 180-degree connections for easy installation in tight places

Powersave mode draws only 1.5 watts under no load

2 year warranty


Electronic protection functions

Over charge protection

Deep discharge protection

Reverse polarity protection of load, module and battery

Reverse polarity protection by internal fuse

Automatic electronic fuse

Short circuit protection at module input

Overvoltage protection at module input

Open circuit protection without battery

Reverse current protection at night

Over temperature and overload protection

Battery overvoltage shutdown


Protection Features

Over temperature shutdown and automatic overload protection

Over voltage and under voltage protection

Short circuit and AC backfeed protection


True sine wave power

With less than 3% total harmonic distortion, PROsine 1800 inverters deliver true sine wave output that is identical to AC power supplied by your utility. This clean output makes PROsine inverters ideal for handling sensitive loads and improves AC equipment performance. Expect trouble-free true sine wave electricity for televisions, audio systems, variable speed tools, and more.


Light and compact

PROsine inverters are lighter and more compact than other inverters with similar power ratings because they use high-frequency switching technology in the power conversion process.



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